The noise

Nowadays, we are confronted with noisiness in the professional sector, sources can be many : noisy engines, noisy environment and turbulent (especially in open space), … It is a risk which can lead to serious consequences on health that the employer has not to ignore.

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What are the risks related to a noisy environment ?

The daily work in a noisy environment can be hazardous for hearing and can also lead to hearing loss or deafness in extreme exposition cases. More generally, noisiness is a source of tiredness and can be harmful for the worker’s concentration.

What does the lay say ?

In Luxembourg, according to « Prescriptions de sécurité types » from the Work Inspection and Mines (ITM-SST 32.10 – Protection des Travailleurs, à l’article 8.6), it is necessary to « maintenir l’exposition quotidienne des travailleurs au bruit à un niveau inférieur à 85 dB(A) (…)».

The regulation Grand Duchy of the 06th of February 2007 concerning the minimal prescription of security and health related to the worker’s exposition on risks due to physical factors (noise) predicts also in the article 5.1 that : « les risques résultant de l’exposition au bruit sont supprimés à leur source ou réduits au minimum. ».

How can we manage to reduce the noise at least ?

In order to reduce the sources of the noise at least, or to remove them at all, the employer has to begin with evaluate the risks exposed to employees in terms of security and health. Afterwards, the employer can take measures in order to improve the situation, for example soundproof noisy engines or provide hearing protection for people who have to work in a noisy environment (particularly in BTP’s sector).

SSTL, external prevention service can help the designated workers and the employers to evaluate the risks in your company, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for more information.

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