Team Building

Team building comes from the English and means « to work together». Its goal is to reinforce cohesion between members of a team and to create a rewarding environment with a good collaboration through playful activities. The team building is supporting stress management and team spirit.

As an external prevention service, SSTL in partnership with Zen Solution, proposes you to organize complete and varied team buildings. You will find below an example which highlights the listening to the other by singing :

                                                                                        DISCOVER AN ORIGINAL MUSICAL TEAM BUILDING !

                                                                                                                  « LET’S SING TO BE ALL EARS !!! »

The team building « Let’s sing to be all ears » is proposing you to create a complicity between your co-workers.

The principle of this team building is to gather your co-workers for a time of creation. On a known song, previously chosen by our song and musical professional, the groups will begin with a writing exercise. Brainstorming, exchange of ideas, negotiation, literary capacities, listening to the other … This working group gathers joyfully your co-workers together to the teamwork’s test. After all this moment of thought and listening to the other, the show begins, while a friendly meal.

The performances of each group are viewed during the meal. Which team will be the most original or the most touching ?

The advantages are :

  • Team cohesion
  • Capacity of listening respectfully to the other
  • Reinforcement of self-esteem  and self-confidence
  • Sense of belonging to a group

The team building « Let’s sing to be all ears » is also practicable in English.

For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Notice that those training are eligible to the State’s cofinancing.

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