Intervention module COVID-19

In the context of the Covid-19 crisis, SSTL supports employers in setting up an effective prevention system based on the recommendations of the competent national institutions. This is a set of practical actions within the organization, within the framework of the management’s responsibility towards the health of employees. SSTL Sarl has set up a regulatory […]

Designated Employee/Designated Worker: a vital assistant to the employer in health prevention and security at work

From mid-twentieth century, a global move towards an improvement of work conditions has been initiated, and through years has strengthened. Prevention of occupational risks became not only a legal obligation, but also a part of social and economic interest for companies, which place this issue at the heart of their strategies. First of all, it is […]

SST’s European week : Security and Health at Work’s European week

  SST’s European week : From the 19th to 23rd of October 2015 it is the Security and Health at Work’s European week, the ideal opportunity to promote awareness regarding psychosocial risks and stress related to work within your company and to prevent every negative aspects which result from as absenteeism or burnout. As an […]

Designated worker and the employer

The designated worker is the employer’s assistant in term of risks prevention in the workplace. The article L. 311-2. from the labor code defined by the designation «designated employee» as : « tout salarié désigné par l’employeur pour s’occuper des activités de protection et des activités de prévention des risques professionnels de l’entreprise et/ou de l’établissement » […]

Team Building

Team building comes from the English and means « to work together». Its goal is to reinforce cohesion between members of a team and to create a rewarding environment with a good collaboration through playful activities. The team building is supporting stress management and team spirit. As an external prevention service, SSTL in partnership with Zen […]

The noise

Nowadays, we are confronted with noisiness in the professional sector, sources can be many : noisy engines, noisy environment and turbulent (especially in open space), … It is a risk which can lead to serious consequences on health that the employer has not to ignore. What are the risks related to a noisy environment ? The […]

Road and professional risks

Many workers are lead to use a vehicle on the professional way. It is the case for example of salesperson or delivery men, who have to move frequently as a part of their job. Consequently, they are more exposed to professional roads risks. Some numbers First of all, we need to know that in 2014 […]

Manual handling of loads

Some of sector of activities can be more exposed to manual handling of loads than others, as BTP sector or the food industry for example. Nevertheless, it is a common activity for many workers which is not without risks and which has to be executed in good conditions in order to avoid any damage regarding […]